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We provide the needed capital to our borrowers via our network of private investors and routinely achieve strong, risk-adjusted returns


Our yield to investors ranges from 7-13% depending on the specific loan


To date, we have funded more than $150 million in loans



We currently have over $45 million in outstanding loans



Our Approach

We use our platform of private capital to provide secured loans to owners of income producing properties. These loans range in size from $300,000 to $4,000,000 and typically have maturities of 12 to 24 months.


Our decades of experience provides an institutional and disciplined approach that allows us to creatively structure loans in a way that fairly compensates the capital we bring for the risk involved. In turn, our investors receive superior returns that have modest and controlled risk. We ensure transparency and assistance to our investors throughout the entire process. 

What is Secured Note Investing?

Secured notes are loans that are backed by the borrower's real estate assets, also known as "collateral". The promissory note outlines the terms of the loan and is secured by a deed of trust against the property.


Secured notes are a fast-growing alternative investment option for a variety of reasons. The cardinal rule of investing is to "protect and preserve your principal". The main way to do this is by diversifying your holdings over different asset classes and investment types. Secured notes can add diversification to an investment portfolio, there is minimal risk involved, and they offer reliable returns without the effort and commitment of owning and managing your own real estate. 

Investment Chart
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Where you come in

In recent years we have experienced growth in our lending activities and are looking to grow our investor base to accommodate the increase in demand. If you are interested in investing and the time is right for you we would be happy to talk to you about your options and see how we can help.

Why invest with us?

  • You are looking to expand and diversify your portfolio but don't want the risk or long-term commitment of acquiring a property

  • You would like to protect and grow your assets rather than have your money collecting dust in a savings account or invested in more volatile and risky sectors

  • You like the idea of collecting a stable, predictable, passive income 

  • Since AR Financial is not a fund, you are never obligated to participate in a deal. You can be strategic about your investments and come to us when you feel the time is right​

  • We routinely achieve disproportionately high yields for our investors while minimizing risk


  • We invest alongside our investors in every loan 

  • Join our list of satisfied repeat investors!

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